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Woman Questions Whether Her Boyfriend Liking Another Woman's Instagram Post Is A Form Of Cheating

A woman has questioned whether she should be concerned over her partner's persistent habit of liking and messaging other women on Instagram, despite her expressing her discomfort with the behaviour.

Writing in to Relationship Rehab, news.com.au's weekly relationship column, the woman said she had been with her boyfriend for two years, and could see herself marrying and building a family with him. 

The woman goes on to say that the only issue is, "he often likes pictures of other women on Instagram and chats with them." 

"It makes me feel like I'm not enough. I've challenged him and he says it's not cheating and is just a bit of fun, "she added. 

The woman then asks news.com.au's resident sexologist Isiah McKimmie whether she should just accept his behaviour. 

McKimmie, a couples therapist, sexologist and lecturer, explained that the definition of 'cheating' varies from relationship to relationship. 

McKimmie went on to explain that not all cheating is physical, and assured the woman that 'Digital cheating' or 'cyber infidelity' is considered a form of cheating to many. 

"Cheating is really anything that breaks boundaries and trust in your relationship," Mckimmie wrote. 

Although her boyfriend may not be physically cheating, Mckinnie reiterated that understanding, compromise and trust are all vital for healthy relationships, all of which are being called into question by her boyfriend's dismissal of her concerns. 

"He's putting his desire to 'have fun' and interact with women he's attracted to above your need to feel enough, valued and secure in your relationship," Mckinnie said. 

Mckinnie finished off his column with the succinct summary; "If he isn't willing to listen to your concerns and change his behaviour, get out as soon as you can."