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Woman Pretends To Be Newly-Engaged With A £3 Ring & Gets Heaps Of Freebies

A woman visiting Venice shared her hack for getting “cheaper stuff” during her trip, boasting a £3 fake engagement ring throughout her holiday.

Taking to TikTok, Fran Starkey revealed the incredible perks she received when showing off her ring during a trip to Venice.

Starkey shows her £3 eBay ring to the camera on TikTok, as on-screen text reads: “Faking my engagement celebrations in Venice for cheaper stuff.”

She shows that she received complimentary champagne on the plane, a half-price gondola ride and a plate of treats with her coffee. She said men even bought her drinks to celebrate.

Her comments were inundated with people laughing at her ‘genius’ idea, adding that they might too give it a try.

One commenter noted that they also similarly swindle freebies, “Wherever I go, I always tell them it’s our anniversary. Generally, get room upgrades in hotels and free drinks lol.”

Currently, the video has amassed over 400,000 views.