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Woman Leaves Hilarious Leggings Review

An American woman's candid Amazon review of $13.99 leggings has gone viral.

Sure, leggings can endure being worn in a studio by a model but what happens when they are taken out into the real world and undergo real-life challenges?

What happens when we are girl bossing by climbing a mountain, only to realize on the way down that maybe we are not bosses, but still girl employees (management level, of course)?

Amazon reviewer Cory H found herself in this sticky situation where the only way down was quite literally to get down on her back and stomach. Cory H described her ordeal, which occurred while wearing a pair of sturdy leggings and the hilarious review promptly went viral.

The review for $13.99 Raypose leggings was originally posted on Amazon in July 2020, but it was rediscovered over the weekend when a fellow customer shared it on Twitter.

Thank goodness for the keen-eyed Capri customer because the world needed to see this review.

The buyer started her review by admitting that she was too afraid to walk down the mountain's steep side and had to slip and slide to the bottom.

Cory H shared two photos of herself laying on a rock, and she claimed she was delighted that the leggings didn't rip during her adventure and that she planned to buy them in every colour.

When people say they want real bodies and real models, this is what they are talking about. This Capri-queen is bringing us fierce honesty.

We’ve all felt the humiliation of being out of our depth, the last thing we need is the added humiliation of our pants ripping.

Cory H gave the product a five-star rating and titled her review 'Order them now.'

I like to think Cory H left this review while still on her hike, having just made it to the bottom of the mountain, still covered in dirt and leaves, not sure whether she was happier about being on flat ground or that her underwear was unexposed.

I also like to think she left the national park a 1 star review on Google.

People felt the review was hilarious, and that the woman should be given a lifetime supply of leggings for her exceptional promotion of the brand.

People on Twitter praised Cory's humorous review, calling her a "cautious Queen".

On Amazon, the review has gone “viral” with 15,326 people finding Cory's review helpful.

The Twitter responses proved the sale pitch worked.

'I bought these leggings after seeing this review. They are amazing,' one person said.

'This is the greatest testimony for leggings I’ve ever seen. Can I please hang out with this person,' said another.

Cory H’s humility really seemed to connect with people. One user commented 'The pic with her lying there with her face in the rocks is what really sell these leggings for me. I'll be buying in every color as well.’

Let’s hope Raypose and other legging brands have noted this successful form of advertising.

I can see the Harper’s Bazaar centerpiece now:

We see a lady struggling to get down a tree, branches catching her leggings (but never tearing), she holds a Frisbee she went up to retrieve, drying tears on her face show she was recently too cared to come down, the strength and stretch of her leggings allowing her to just be able place a tiptoe safely on the floor. The text below reads ‘Lulu lemon – dare to be scared’.