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Woman Fired From A Spa Deletes Hundreds Appointments Out Of Spite

A UK woman lost her job at a beauty spa and admitted she deleted hundreds of appointments in revenge.

Lauren Arafat was dismissed from her role as a receptionist at The Potting Shed in Batley, Yorkshire in June 2019 after displaying "erratic" behaviour. And well, given the headline, it would seem they were right. 

After departing the spay, Arafat proceeded to delete 211 customer appointments from the company's computer. 

However, the spa did not tolerate the act, and is pursuing the 30-year-old in court.

Arafat appeared at Leeds Crown Court charged with an offence under the Computer Misuse Act.

The court heard she was given the job in May 2019.

Andrew Picken, prosecuting, said: "Her second shift was on 1 June, 2019. She behaved erratically, and there were a number of issues resulting in the director having a staff meeting and ending her employment,"

"She left the building, and the director then cancelled appointments for the rest of the day as a result of the issues that arose.

"The defendant left, and then logged onto the system using her iPhone and deleted a number of appointments."

Within the space of half an hour, she had deleted 211 appointments, which could not be restored.

Some of the appointments were removed under another employee's name, the court was told.

In a victim's personal statement, spa owner Sam Pearce said she had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of Arafat's actions, which she said were an "aggressive attack that breached privacy and her intention was to cause as much damage as possible."

She added that since June 2019, she had felt unable to trust anyone and was in a "living nightmare."