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Woman Fakes Own Funeral To Celebrate Life

A 59-year-old woman from the Dominican Republic faked her own funeral by lying in a coffin and inviting friends to fake-cry.

Mayra Alonzo says it was all the deaths from COVID that inspired her to celebrate her life in the unusual manner, while also risking the lives of others by having a mass gathering. No word if she was faux-remembered as a selfless woman, but at least she got to celebrate her life!

Dressed in all white, she arrived at the funeral in a hearse, and was escorted in a rented coffin. Nothing creepier than being in a coffin that handfuls of other dead people have been inside, but hey, at least she got to fulfil her funeral fantasy.

To further add to the accuracy, she even stuffed her nostrils with cotton balls. Let’s hope she didn’t also follow through with the cremation. Not sure how your body bounces back from that.

What is most impressive is that Mayra was able to remain stationary in the coffin for hours as guests paid their respects. Although, the embalming would’ve definitely assisted.

If you’re ever considering faking your own funeral, make sure you tell the guests beforehand, otherwise there might be a few heartaches on the day. And what could be worse than their deaths taking the attention away from yours?

As for Mayra, with all the money she spent on the day, she sadly can’t afford to die again. She will now have to live forever...