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Woman Divides Opinion On Wearing A Ballgown Everyday Incase Of Perfect Photo Opportunity

TikTok user and travel photographer Cherise has revealed she wears a ballgown under clothes, so she is prepared for any photo opportunity.

In a video on TikTok, Cherise shows herself quickly taking off her everyday clothes to reveal a stunning yellow ballgown underneath.

“Me wearing a ballgown under my clothes just in case we see a pretty photo spot while out,” she said in the post.

Audio playing over the video says, ‘Oh my God, she’s insane”.

While the look has garnered three million views and over 100,000 likes, not everyone was impressed.

“Couldn’t handle this level of narcissism,” said one comment.

“To me this is not real life. It’s all about social media and making it look like something it’s not”, a second person said.