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Woman Confesses To Being Boyfriend’s Landlord

A woman has revealed that she is secretly her boyfriend's landlord

A woman on TikTok has disclosed that unknown to him, she is her boyfriend's landlord. In the video, she explains that her boyfriend has been paying the rent for their flat on his own for a year without knowing she owns the property.

If you’re thinking ‘who would do such a horrible, unfair thing to someone’, you might have momentarily forgotten that she is a landlord.

Jayne, who goes by the TikTok handle @jaynedoee0, made the confession in a now-viral video that has been viewed over 1.7 million times. Jayne stated that along with the rent her boyfriend pays the major bills.

Her shocking admission has divided users on the internet and the video has garnered thousands of comments.

A commenter applauded Jayne for her "brilliant" deception while mentioning that her partner would still have to pay rent if he moved out and lived elsewhere.

Others were more critical with one user saying, ‘That's so wrong. Shows you're just using him. Poor guy’.

Another wrote, 'It's not even the fact of him paying it, it's the lying behind it.’

Others were on the fence, they could see this was, to use TikTok’s language, a total 'girl boss’ move but it is likely if he ever found out they would have to break up, as the trust would be gone forever.

Since this video has been viewed over a million times it’s likely he will find out she’s his landlord soon enough, that’s if he doesn’t already know. Surely if Jayne is acting like a typical landlord the signs have been there.

Here are some situations where Jayne could have exposed herself as the typical landlord:

Perhaps last week her bf went to hang a painting on the wall and Jaye screamed at him ‘No!’ and told him that he might ruin the 20 year-old paint job.

Then there was that time he spilled a drop of red wine on the carpet, thankfully he got to it with bicarb and vinegar straight away and the carpet looked good as new…well as good as it did before, which was a disgusting mustard colour from the ’70s, full of dust and covered in mysterious stains.

Strangely though Jayne suggested he pay to replace the carpet and that he may as well do the other rooms while he’s at it because ‘it wasn’t as it looked when he moved in earlier that year’.

Or how about that time the hot water stopped working and Jayne said she’d sort it out with the “landlord” but a week passed and nothing happened. The boyfriend sick of cold showers tells Jayne “I’ll just get someone to pay for it” and she says “No!” again.

Two months later a friend of a friend of a friend of Jayne comes to fix the hot water, looks like the landlord found someone who would do it for free.

Nice this article is up and the story shared yet again I suspect the boyfriend may be looking for a new place soon and Jayne will be on Tinder looking for a new tenant.