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Woman Buys Rabbit Feeder For Son’s Bed To Avoid His Requests For Water At Night

An Aussie mum has posted in a parenting Facebook group her "hack" for avoiding her son's requests for water in the middle of the night.

The Queensland woman posted on Facebook group 'Mum Central' with her 'hack' to retain her sleep after her son continued to wake her asking for water in the middle of the night. The solution? A rabbit feeder.

She attached the $5 device to the side of the bottom bunk bed so he could simply sip away from his position in bed without needing to get up. 

She shared the post with the caption 'Got tired of my kid calling out all through the night for drinks. Boom. Best $5 I ever spent,' she said.

It's unclear whether the son took to the idea or not. However, parents had mixed feelings on the idea.

With one dad stating it was genius and another joking, "So can I fill it with milk for my baby too?"

Although some parents felt it was not the best idea, 'Until they poke their eye out on the steel spout. Better to have one with a soft silicone spout or maybe a normal water bottle??? $3 for a non-spill one from Kmart,' said one woman.

So would you try this with your kids?