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Will They? Won't They? Victoria Could Be Set To Shorten Pfizer Gap To Reopen Quicker

Supplies of Pfizer will decide if or when the interval between doses will be slashed from six weeks down to three weeks in Victoria.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley said once the state's amount of Pfizer supply is confirmed for October, the government will look to reduce the wait time in an effort to move towards reopening quicker.

"We will reduce that six weeks down to three weeks the moment we are confident that we've got the supply... so we can bring forward double-dose rates at the earliest possible opportunity," he said at Wednesday's COVID-19 update.

"And I can assure you that as recently as last evening, the very productive discussions that we have with senior officials at the Commonwealth reconfirmed that as of last night, we still do not have confirmation of that last week in October."

Mr Foley said any changes to the dose interval would not come "at the expense of cancelling first vaccination programs".

"If that advice comes in and we can lock in those changes, we will lock them in the minute we possibly can, because everyone wants to bring forward those double-dose dates," Mr Foley said.