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Will CDs Ever Be 'So Fresh' Again?

Are CDs going to make a comeback? Should we be bubble wrapping our Ministry Of Sound Volume Nine?

I feel bad for the CD. It feels like a childhood best friend you’ve grown apart from.

They taught you how to Macarena just in time for the school dance. They made sure you could learn every lyric to the Spice Girls before the big sleep over at the popular girl’s house. They even allowed you to be the only 10-year-old girl ever to purchase a single of ‘You’re The Voice’ by John Farnham.

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Sadly, now they don’t offer much. They crowd you; they remind you that you should have been able to upgrade your car by now, and to be honest they aren’t even that compact… which was like their “thing”.

The question is – do we ditch them or keep this friend around to see if they will come into their own once more?

I have thrown out every CD I used to own. I could not handle their silly narrow tower holders. Will I regret this? Probably not.

If they are anything like Vinyl, I will probably be cursing myself when they make a comeback, I’ll be sitting here realising I could have bought a new car by selling my Aqua Aquarium CD. OK maybe not a new car, but an AUX chord for sure.

I’m not sure they will be back though; they just aren’t as charming or rich sounding as Vinyl. I get why people might hold onto tape because nobody knows how they work and I’m almost certain it’s magic. Ever see one of those tapes with the AUX chord attached you use in your car? Spooky!

If you are holding onto your CDs for sentimental reasons, rather than financial, then I respect that. They were a huge part of the millennial upbringing. Nothing got you more notoriety than showing up to school with your Discman and the newest 100% Hits CD spinning around by your hip. Everyone thought you were 100% cool, and you were.

The CD also brought us one of the greatest forms of advertisement: they daytime television compilation commercial. You know the ones.

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“You’re about to hear the greatest soft rock collection ever. So many number 1 hits! It’s hard to believe they are all in one collection. ‘Love Songs’ is not sold in any store. To order call 1800 888 888 to get your copy.“

Maybe it’s time to take a leaf from the ‘So Fresh’ albums that raised us and ditch some of our least favourite CDs just to add a little freshness into our homes.

If you are ever full of regret there is most likely a Spotify playlist of that album anyway.

Main Image: Pixabay.