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Wild Sydney Weather Halts Outdoor Performance Of Phantom Of The Opera

Cast and crew got drenched with rain during an outdoor performance of Phantom Of The Opera in Sydney.

Heavy rain caused an outdoor performance of Phantom Of The Opera at the Sydney Opera House to be cancelled mid-show. Cast, crew and theatre fans who had paid as much as $389 for tickets were treated to an unforgettable experience as they were drenched with heavy bursts of rain.   

Actors Georgina Hopson (Christine Daae) and Joshua Robson (the Phantom) shared on their socials media scenes from the performance, with Hopson saying in a behind-the-scene photo, “Tonight we had to stop the show because of a torrential downpour – @jrobson4 and I literally performed the Point of No Return in a monsoon. I couldn’t even open my eyes,” she wrote in the caption on an Instagram story.  

“I had to sit down in this dress because it was so heavy soaked with water! My job is insane.”  


Comments on the footage praised the cast and crew for continuing on. “Wow! They are dedicated!” said one comment.   

“Dedication beyond words! Well Done!” another said.   

Another points out a very obvious solution, “If only Sydney had some sort of opera house to perform theatre in”.   

We spoke to Andrew Lloyd Webber about the show; see the full interview below:   

Photos: Instagram @matjoez @georginahopson and @jrobson4