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When Is The Perfect Time To Eat Dinner?... Well, New Research Has Found It Out!

Working from home has really messed up the traditional meal times, so when should we be tucking into our evening meal

Back before Covid 19, before the world was turned upside down, pretty much everyone travelled to and from work. Thus, dinner time was dictated by whenever you arrived at your humble abode, and how quickly you could rustle up some grub. Finish at 6pm, 30 minute commute, and then another 30 minutes to quickly cook up a pot of Bouillabaisse - you’re sitting down for supper at 7pm.

But ever since lockdowns and Covid safe protocols, more and more people are working from home. Suddenly dinner time could be whenever you wanted, you could eat your Salmon En Papillote the moment you dropped tools. Heck, you could start gnawing on a Confit de Canard during the afternoon zoom if you wanted; it was completely up to you.

But this begs the question… when is the perfect time to eat dinner? Is eating early good for you? Or was the 7pm feed the perfect time? Is there a scientifically proven perfect time for optimal digestion?

Dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman told the Huffington Post that anytime between 6 and 8pm is the ideal dinner time.

“That’s because it gives the average person enough time to digest before hitting the hay around 10 or 11 p.m.”

It all comes down to digestion time, you need those few hours for your food to settle, or you risk suffering the wrath of acid reflux. Eat too close to bedtime and go to bed full - you are in a world of hurt.

“If there’s too much food digesting in your stomach and you lie down, it could potentially put pressure on your esophageal sphincter, resulting in unpleasant reflux.”

So there you have it, give yourself a few hours before bedtime to tuck into your Potatoes Dauphinoise and you’ll be fine.

Another option is to pass on traditional mealtimes all together - forget breakfast, lunch and dinner, combine them all into one giant meal Breakuncher! You’ll just need to make time in the day for the epic food coma you’ll sink into afterwards.