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What The Secret Code Name ‘Jim Wilson’ Means When Used By A Flight Attendant

If you hear your flight attendant talk about ‘Jim Wilson’, you won't need to worry about Jim taking the last beef meal.

Flight attendants on flights have many code words, but have you ever heard them talk about ‘Jim Wilson’? Well, Jim isn’t a passenger… As such.  

On a flight, ‘Jim Wilson’ is used by flight attendants to refer to when a dead body is being carried on board.   

Annually, around 50,000 bodies are transported via passenger planes. It is mostly done to move them for funeral services. The code word allows flight attendants to communicate about the bodies without making any passengers uncomfortable.   

According to The Alcor 1997 Stabilization and Transport Manual, the term ‘Jim Wilson’ comes from the trays that are often used to contain the bodies which are packed in ice. Alternate abbreviations used are ‘HR’, which stand for Human Remains.   

The more you know!