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What Men And Women Find Most Attractive

Queensland University of Technology has conducted a survey that explored the various traits people find attractive, and how that evolves over time.

The study collected data from thousands of Aussies between the ages of 18 and 65. Because apparently anybody older than 65 no longer has sexual desires?

They were asked to rank nine characteristics in order of importance: age, attractiveness, physical build/features, intelligence, education, income, trust, openness and emotional connection.

Speaking about the study, behavioural economist Dr Stephen Whyte said that “Male and females place more weight on things like attractiveness when they’re in peak fertility.”

As people age past 40, traits such as personality become a more attractive quality. So bad news for anybody over the age of 40 who's hot as a rocket but as boring as a rock.

Compared to women, men ranked attractiveness and physical build/features as more important factors in determining if somebody is sexually attractive. Just ask Matthew Perry.

However, as both genders mature in age, their desires become more closely matched. Openness and trust becomes more of a priority for both genders, over physical attraction. Meanwhile, the least important quality for both genders was income. Unfortunate news for the newly single Bill Gates!

Dr Whyte believes this is one of the more accurate studies conducted on attraction, since it used data taken from a “much larger age range.”

And for anybody disheartened by the findings, just remember there’s a lid for every saucepan. You might just have to stumble through the kitchen drawers for a while.