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WFH? How To Make The Boss Think You’re Actually Working

We've been seeing the abbreviation WFH more in 2020 than any other year.

It stands for ‘working from home’, but sadly some bosses fear it might also mean ‘working fewer hours’.

The Guardian reports that some managers are deploying increasing methods of surveillance to keep an eye on what their staff are up to while working from their home office, or potentially their home bed or bath.

WFH sure does have its benefits: no commute, quick home-made lunches, no close co-worker mouth breathers, more comfortable work clothes, no work clothes... It really has a lot of positives and bosses are worried one of these might be the ability for employees to slack off.

Speaking of slack, according to The Guardian some managers have been using tools such as Slack to see when an employee is ‘active’ at work. Many workplaces make use of The Cloud so they can see when someone is literally typing. The most demanding of bosses might even require that staff have their webcams on for some time of the day.

We've all had a hard year and maybe we deserve to take our workday a little slower. If you are one of these intruded-upon-employees, consider our simple tips for tricking your boss into thinking you have a 100% attendance rate:

1.  Fake Awake Glasses
Give Those Glasses To The Bailiff. GIF | Gfycat
Cheap, effective, convincing.

If you're being put through the big brother webcam experience by your boss, pop some of these on and take a 7-hour nap. We’ve allowed an hour for your lunch break.

2. Automatic Email Replies
broad city whatever GIF
That's eight too many.

These are used far too often when we are on holidays, but did you know you can use them when you are also lying about not being on holiday? Keep it brief and vague and set it up for those days you just don’t feel like walking down the hallway to your office. A simple “I hear ya!” should cover the most ground.

3. Virtually Real Backgrounds
green screen superman GIF
If it's good enough for Hollywood...

Take a photo of your office, make it your virtual background and hit the beach. Take those video calls as they come through. Just remember to pack an office shirt to slip over your togs. If they ask about the wet hair, just say you were too flat out to blow dry it, it’s all work work work at the moment.

4. Fake A Robbery
Parks And Recreation Reaction GIF
Destroy the evidence.

Your laptop got stolen? This on top of everything else going on in 2020 is very unfortunate for you. Even the cruelest of bosses will take pity. This should “buy” you a couple months in this economy.

If you’ve  finished reading this article you’ve achieved enough for the day. Time to hit the pavement for a much-deserved stroll. Don’t forget to let your phone die before heading out.

Main image: Reddit/u/a_lexicon