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We’ve Caught A Case Of Corona Slang

A side effect of living through coronavirus affects the language region of our brains.

Coronavirus has changed our world and it turns out our language too; there’s been a resurgence of rhyming slang since we were all put into iso ‘cause of the rona!

‘Miley Cyrus’ is one of the newest rhyming slangs to come out of England to describe coronavirus, and it may have started on a satirical news website but it is catching on like a house on fire.

When we weren’t acting like bloody galahs we were acting like ‘magpies’ – snatching up supermarket stapes like we’re a… well… magpie.

It really is the ‘Coronapocalpse’, and you better believe some of us acted like ‘covidiots’ by ignoring health and safety guidelines.

It’s enough to makes us try to enjoy the forced ‘coroacation’ at home and relax with some strong ‘quarantinis’ when we need a change from beer and wine. I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like I’ve been in a ‘coronacoma’ with all the sleep I’m getting.

And some of us have been working on our families in lockdown, with ‘coronababies’ surging a new ‘coronials’ generational influx, with their arrival expected later this year.

There’s never been a better time to lean in and have a bit of fun with language during a bad situation to help alleviate stress. It’s a natural coping mechanism and hey, if it helps reduce the gravity of the situation, why not talk out our coronaholes?

I’m not sure if that last one worked.