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Want To Live Like Carrie Bradshaw For A Night?

Airbnb Are Offering The Chance To Stay in Her Sex & The City Apartment.

Ever wanted to live life like Carrie Bradshaw? No? You’re more of a Charlotte? Well, we have nothing for you, Charlotte. Sorry. If you have always been more of a Carrie, though, you’re in luck, Airbnb are offering you a chance to stay in Carrie’s apartment from Sex & The City.

The apartment is available to stay in for two whole nights in November right in time for the launch of the Sex & The City continuation which is still titled And Just Like That… for some reason even though the title The Carrie Diaries: The Older Years is right there for the taking.

If you want to stay it’ll only set you back 23 US dollars because the series debuted 23 years ago. One of those awkward numbers that are difficult to celebrate. Can’t wait to do something like spend $17 on a convertible rental to celebrate the debut of Entourage 17 years ago.

What do you get for $23? Well, you get greeted by Sarah Jessica Parker (via video link because it’s going to take a little bit more than $23 to get SJP to meet you in person at a pretend apartment). You can see Carrie’s writing desk, her old laptop and try on a bunch of clothes from her wardrobe before you get weirded out at the whole idea and think “What am I doing?”

It has everything you need for an evening’s worth of Instagram content that will have your friends replying “Did you get a new place?” and you replying to them “It’s Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment.” And them getting confused and writing “Is that an old school friend?” And then you have to spend most of your night explaining to them what’s going on.

Airbnb love this sort of promotion. They did it recently with a Winnie the Pooh themed house in the hundred-acre wood. In a lot of ways Sex & The City is Winnie the Pooh for 43-year-old women. Charlotte is Piglet. Miranda is Rabbit. Samantha is Tigger. Christopher Robin is Mr. Big, I suppose.

When bookings open on the 8thof November try not to think about how this isn’t the actual apartment from the series and is a completely separate apartment made to look like the one from the show, and also try not to think about how this isn’t even in the same neighbourhood as where Carrie lived. Just think about how you can live your Sex & The City dreams to celebrate the launch of a new TV show that chronicles the continuing adventures of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and the empty space where Samantha used to be.