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Want To Go On A Tour To The Titanic?

The wreck of the Titanic is soon to become a tourist attraction.

Ever wanted to go on a tour of the Titanic? Well, now you can, thanks to OceanGate Expeditions. No, it’s not a time travel company that allows you to step onboard that grand ocean liner right before it departs on its fateful trip. It’s a company that has a tiny submarine so you can go down and view the slowly deteriorating wreckage of the long-submerged liner.

Sure, packed into a submersible that can only fit five people, a bunch of high-definition cameras and some multi-beam sonar equipment might not be nearly as romantic as spending time on the deck with Jack and Rose, but it will give you a chance to see the ship before it’s gone forever.

The Titanic has been on the ocean floor for 109 years and in that time metal-eating bacteria has been absolutely feasting on the wreckage. The little bacteria creeps are consuming hundreds of kilos of iron a day. Since it was discovered back in the mid-80s the ship has lost a forward mast, a crow’s nest and a poop deck! Yes! The poop deck folded in on itself! And when your poop deck folds you know you’re in trouble.

As of this week OceanGate is offering expeditions to the site for the low, low price of nearly $200,000 – which is roughly the same cost as the late fees you’d have accrued if you hired Titanic on video from a Blockbuster back in 1998 and have yet to return it.

In only a few decades the whole ship could be completely gone so dig between the couch cushions and find a way to get your hands on the cash. This first trip already has 40 people signed up. They’ll each get to take turns operating the sonar equipment and doing all sorts of different tasks inside the sub, kind of like an incredibly expensive day out at Scienceworks.

No word on whether the 200-grand includes meals or not, but for that price you’d hope they at least give you a muesli bar or something.