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Statements On Tonight's Story On Freeing The Flag

Statements from WAM Clothing, Buddy Franklin, and the Spokesperson for the Minister for Indigenous Australians.

Buddy Franklin Authentic statement:

Spokesperson for the Minister for Indigenous Australians:

“The Aboriginal Flag is a powerful, unifying symbol for Aboriginal Australians and is respected by many non-Aboriginal Australians. All Australians are welcome to fly and physically display the flag.

Under the Copyright Act 1968, Mr Thomas has exclusive rights to communicate, reproduce and publish the Aboriginal Flag. The Australian Government recognises Mr Thomas’ copyright and intellectual property in the Aboriginal Flag. We intend to respect the rights of the flag’s creator and for the flag to continue to play a unifying role.

As the copyright owner, Harold Thomas has the legal right to say who can reproduce or use images of the Aboriginal Flag, and to enter into licence agreements as he chooses.

We understand both Mr Thomas and WAM Clothing have publicly indicated their willingness to talk with Aboriginal people and businesses about options for using the image of the flag. We would encourage people to take up those offers in good faith.”