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Victorian Construction Protests Taken Over By 'Fake Tradies' According To Bill Shorten

Ex-unionist and federal MP Bill Shorten has blamed "fake tradies" and "man-baby Nazis" for the melee that broke out at the construction union's Melbourne headquarters.

Building site workers and others angry at a vaccine mandate for the industry in Victoria stormed the CFMEU on Monday, resulting in the riot police being called in.

Officers used rubber bullets and pepper spray to try to disperse the protesting mob who were chanting "f*** the jab" and other expletives.

Mr Shorten, who's the federal member for Maribyrnong, said while there were construction workers in the crowd "my sources" point to a group of professional trouble makers.

"I never thought I would see a scene where you have people who call themselves Nazis using encrypted message systems to bring in a rent-a-crowd," he told Nine Network on Tuesday.

"Some of those people ... I'm reliably informed were fake tradies.

"They've been down to the Reject Shop and got themselves a $2 hi-viz hoody.

"It was shocking violence."

There has been a 25 per cent cap on the industry's workforce in Victoria.

But on Monday night, the state government announced the industry would be shut down from Tuesday for two weeks in metropolitan Melbourne, City of Ballarat, City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire and Mitchell Shire.

All worksites will need to demonstrate compliance with health directions prior to reopening.

This includes a requirement for workers to show evidence of having had at least one dose of a vaccine before they return to work on October 5.

Mr Shorten defended the CFMEU saying the construction union was being responsible and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

"There is a network of hard-right man-baby Nazis, just people who just want to cause trouble - these man-babies, they want to complain about vaccinations," he said.

"They deserve to get the full force of everything that's coming their way."

It's believed the protesters plan to gather again outside the CFMEU from 10am on Tuesday.

The Victorian branch of CFMEU said it had always supported freedom of choice regarding vaccination.

"We are not going to be intimidated by outside extremists attempting to intimidate the union, by spreading misinformation and lies about the union's position," it said in a statement on Monday.