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Victoria Fast-Tracks Ambulance Recruitment To Bolster Numbers

Under continued stress, Ambulance Victoria is fast-tracking the recruitment of new officers, with a hundred hitting the road so far this year and 120 more starting this month on top of 700 new officers in 2021.

Between January and March this year, the service was called to 93,234 emergency cases, breaking the record set the previous quarter and making it the busiest in the state's history.

"This recruitment drive continues ... to help get more ambulances on the road and to patients quicker," acting chief executive Libby Murphy said on Saturday.

"Our lives may be returning to normal but the extraordinary strain on our hardworking paramedics and the entire health system persists."

Some 48 COVID-19 deaths and almost 39,000 new cases were reported across Australia on Saturday.

Australia's two most populous states have recorded a further 12 COVID-related deaths and almost 17,000 new virus cases.

NSW reported more than 9000 infections on Sunday along with five deaths, while there were 7654 new cases in Victoria and seven fatalities.

There are currently more than 330,000 active cases across the nation. Almost 3200 patients are in hospital with about 145 in intensive care.

AAP with The Project.