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Upper House Senator Whinges About $200,000 Salary

And they say pollies are out of touch.

Victoria’s newest senator, Ralph Babet, has only just secured a seat in the Upper House, but it’s not stopping him from complaining about the amount of suffering he will have to endure to do a job he signed up for because it only pays $200,000.


Cue the world’s smallest violin.


“This is a sacrifice for me. I’m doing it to serve my country,” he tweeted on Thursday. “It’s a pay cut. If you think 200k for the amount of work I will have to do and the amount of suffering I will endure is a good deal, then you’re wrong. I’d be happier running my business. I’m doing this for Australia.”


Babet had previously posted on social media that the election was fraudulent, however, since it started looking like he was going to secure a seat, he quickly changed his tune and deleted various posts. But as Crikey reported (https://www.crikey.com.au/2022/06/20/meet-ralph-babet-clive-palmer-acolyte-and-maybe-victorias-newest-senator/), many of his conspiracy-theory led posts remain archived. 


“We’re not doing this because we want to but because we have to. Our country needs us. Public service has no tangible reward; history and doing what is right is the only reward,” he tweeted.


Babet only received 4% of the vote, but thanks to minority party preferences and you could argue the UAP being placed second on Liberal how to vote cards, he’s secured the sixth spot in the Senate. So there really is no truth to the idea that preferences don’t matter.


Babet is also the only UAP member in the Senate, despite billionaire Clive Palmer throwing an enormous $100 million at the United Australia Party in an effort to secure seats.


Our thoughts are with Babet while he tries to adapt to a measly household budget of $200,000 per year. I hear Coles has a sale on tinned food.