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‘Unreserved Apology’ Issued By Swimming Australia After Independent Investigation.

Swimming Australia has issued an ‘Unreserved Apology’ to girls and women following an independent investigation. 

Swimming Australia has released an ‘unreserved apology’, for the way girls and women had been treated in the past, following a six-month independent investigation that included accounts there were “difficult to read”.

Last year, Olympic swimmer Maddie Groves alleged she was sexually assaulted between the ages of 13 & 18, by a man still involved in the sport.

Speaking to the AAP, SA president Kieren Perkins said "We can't afford to let any of this drift,"

"It has got to be a concerted effort right from the get-go.”

"We are going to deliver on all of them (the recommendations).”

"The reality is that in the process of delivery there will be some things quick and easy to do and other things are going to take a lot of serious, transformational cultural change to deliver on”.

"That will require a lot of time and effort.”

"We need to recognise that you don't just click your fingers and shift the culture of an environment."

Swimming Australia, in a statement accompanying the report's recommendations, again apologised.

"The feedback was open and frank and there were experiences recounted that were difficult to read," the statement said.

"Swimming Australia wants to reassure those who came forward that the sport is committed to change to ensure these negative experiences are not repeated and apologises unreservedly to those impacted.

"It is acknowledged that, particularly for young female athletes, some of their experiences have had longer-term impacts.

"Swimming Australia again unreservedly apologises to those members of the swimming community who have had a negative experience."