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University Offers Master’s Degree In ‘Happiness’

A university in New Jersey is offering a Master of Arts In Happiness Studies.

Centenary University will offer the 30-unit, online course, and already has 38 applicants.

For those looking to master the art of happiness, they will have to fork out US$17,700 (AU$23,550) to do so.

According to the university’s announcement, the program will “explore the implications of happiness for individuals, the workplace, and our broader society”.

"This fully online accredited MA in Happiness Studies focuses on educating leaders who are committed to the cultivation of wellbeing in themselves and others, to the fulfillment of society’s potential for both happiness and goodness," the program's website states.

"Regardless of your area of interest and action … the rigorous ideas and evidence-based interventions that are part of the MA in Happiness Studies will help you bring out the best in your family, colleagues, clients, students and yourself."

The program will cover various disciplines of psychology, philosophy, literature, religion, music, business and neuroscience.

According to happiness expert and director of the program, Tal Ben-Shahar, “there is a place” for happiness in any profession.

"When we're talking about happiness, we're talking about cultivating resilience, the ability to deal with hardships, with difficulties, and there's plenty to go around today," Ben-Shahar told Fox News.

“Whether you're talking pandemic, whether you're talking war, uncertainty, whether it's on the economic level, the emotional level."