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Ukrainian Man Films His Getaway From Kharkiv Zoo, With 10 Kangaroos In His Van

Footage of a Ukrainian man making a run to rescue a mob of kangaroos from a Kharkiv zoo has started to capture hearts around the world.

The 10 native Australian animals were trapped at Feldman EcoPark, about 40KM from the Russian border in Northeast Ukraine.

The zoo has been under heavy shelling for many weeks, and many animals have been killed as a result.

However, one man has taken a big risk and rescued the kangaroos, filming himself making the getaway.

Many social media users have praised the man saying, “I adore you for not abandoning animals. Thank you!”

Another user said, “You are so wonderful! I am delighted with the people who help the zoo!”

The zoo has confirmed that the animals were safe. “These kangaroos were able to be removed the day before yesterday; that is, they are already safe now.’’