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Ukrainian Man Attempts To Sink Yacht Owned By Russian Weapons Manufacturer

A Ukrainian man in Majorca has admitted trying to sink a yacht owned by a Russian weapons manufacturer.

The ship crew member, who is identified as D. Taras O., admitted to Spanish authorities he tried to sink the yacht in protest of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It is believed the yacht, named Lady Anastasia, is owned by Alexander Mijeev, the CEO of Russian military weapons company Rosoboronexport.

As the chief engineer, D. Taras O. has worked on the $10.7 million yacht for 10 years.

In retaliation for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he shut down the power on the yacht and closed the fuel valves before telling the Ukrainian members of the crew to get off.

The engine room of the yacht was destroyed by a leak caused by the closed fuel valves.

"I watched the news about the war. There was a video of a helicopter attack on a building in Kyiv,” he told the judge, according to the Majorca Daily.

“The armaments used are produced by the yacht owner's company.

“They were attacking innocents.”

The man showed no remorse for his actions; with local media reporting he also told the judge he would do it again.

He has been released on bail.