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Ukrainian Child Sing Frozen Soundtrack ‘Let It Go’ In Bomb Shelter

A young girl sheltering in Ukraine from Russian military occupation has been recorded singing the infamous Frozen song, "Let It Go", Elsa herself responded.

The moving clip, viewed more than 13.8 million times on Twitter alone, shows the young girl named Amelia, with a long blonde haired braid — just like the snow queen Elsa.

The video was first posted to Facebook on this week by Marta Smekhova, who states she filmed it with permission from the girl's mother. 

Many Ukrainians are bilingual and speak Ukrainian and Russian, with 30% of Ukrainians speaking Russian as a native language. Twitter users pointed out the fact as users noted that Amelia sings "Let It Go" in Russian, not Ukrainian. 

Some Twitter users noted that this was an even more moving moment uniting Russians and Ukrainians against the war as one Twitter user commented, "Speaking the same language, we are the same." and this "only underscoring the horrors of Putin's war."


After garnering international attention, the clip was retweeted by Elsa herself, movie star Idina Menzel, who sings the iconic Frozen 'Let It Go' song.