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Ukraine’s 2016 Eurovision Winner Raises EU €67 Million In Relief

2016 Eurovision song contest winner and proud Ukrainian, Jamala, is being praised after helping raise 67 million euros for the country.

Susana Jamaladinova (otherwise known as Jamala) won the famous song contest, Eurovision in 2016. 

As a proud Ukrainian, she was able to use her platform to raise much-needed relief funds for the country. 

Jamala fled Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, with her children to Istanbul, Turkey. Her husband stayed behind, along with her bandmates, as many Ukrainian men are being called to defend the country from Russian attack.

Performing at the German Eurovision song selection on March 4, she was able to help raise the sum of 67 million Euros which she announced via her Instagram, adding:

“I am grateful to each and every person who supports us in our struggle for the right to live in our homeland – to build our future under a peaceful sky.”

“Anywhere my voice can be heard, anywhere my voice can help my country, I will do everything in my power to spread the word about Putin’s bloody crime in Ukraine,” she said speaking to Turkish media.