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UK Survey Finds A Fifth Of Workers Are Afraid To Poo At Work

To poo or not to poo? (at work) that is the question. A survey has revealed 18 percent of UK workers say no to relieving their bowels in the office bathroom.

Health startup, The Gut Stuff ran a poll of 2,000 adults across the United Kingdom. They found 18 per cent said going to the toilet was the most worrying part of returning to full-time work. The most worrying! They’re more worried about a work poo than the threat of Covid or inane small talk.

53 percent of those polled also said they’re more comfortable leaving work to find somewhere else to poo (hopefully somewhere with a toilet). And 18 saying they’ve even gone back to their own home to use their toilet before.

Some say they use toilets on another floor while others admit to holding it in all day. Doctors warn that stopping yourself from going can adversely affect your health, leading to constipation. Which will make it even harder to go at work.

Lisa and Alana MacFarlane, founders of The Gut Stuff, are urging employers to try and help break ‘the loo taboo’. They released advice for employers, including ensuring well stocked toilet paper supplies and being prepared to talk about it with colleagues. That’s sure to spice up the water cooler chit chat.

Medical professionals suggest this fear is surprisingly common and have coined the term parcopresis or 'shy bowel syndrome'; the fear of defecating in public places. As opposed to ‘confident bowel syndrome’ which is what poo joggers suffer from.

The gut stuff founders say employers should make people feel comfortable going when they need to and advise workers that 'Nobody cares as much as you think they do. They’re all too busy worrying about themselves, we promise!'.

In other words, it’s time to poo like nobody’s watching.