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Ugly Truth: Attractive People May Also Have Better Immune Systems

A U.S based study has found that good-looking people may also be better at fighting infections and have better immune systems, thus making them healthier.

According to a study by Texas Christian University, traits linked to attractiveness may indicate a person’s body is better at fighting infection.

The researchers further concluded that we may be drawn to such looks because our brains are hardwired to seek out healthy partners. 

The study included a total participant rate of 152 men and women and was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Scientists photographed 152 young adults without make-up and with neutral expressions. Then 492 people in an online survey were asked to rate their attractiveness.

From the results, the most handsome participants, according to the survey, were found to have higher rates of phagocytosis -  a process by which white blood cells destroy bacteria, enabling the body’s immune system to prevent illness.

Whilst what is attractive and beautiful changes culturally and throughout time, researchers noted that some traditional beauty ideals have remained throughout the years. 

Features such as clear skin, prominent cheekbones, toned physiques, facial symmetry, bright eyes and full, red lips have been “deemed attractive throughout recorded human history,” they wrote.