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Uber Introduces A Surcharge Due To Increasing Fuel Prices

With fuel prices hitting over $2.00, Uber has introduces a surcharge.

Uber has introduced a fuel surcharge with the continual rise of fuel prices. With prices hitting $2 a litre across the country, drivers are seeing driving for Uber less profitable. Those using the platform can expect to pay an extra .50 cents on average per trip, with drivers collecting 100% of the surcharge, creating less of a burden on drivers.  

In response to feedback from driver, Uber Australia head of driver operations Emma Foley said “While earnings on our platform remain elevated compared to historical trends, we’ve heard from driver-partner feedback that the recent sudden spike in petrol prices is having an impact,” she said.  

“To help, we’re rolling out a temporary 60-day fuel surcharge on all trips in Australia.  

“This will be a temporary per-kilometre based surcharge paid by riders, 100 per cent of which will go to driver-partners.  

“This means driver-partners will receive from riders about an extra 50 cents on an average trip.  

“The goal of this is to reduce the burden of the unprecedented nature of recent fuel increases while keeping the Uber platform working well for everyone.“