U.S. Restaurant Sparks Controversy By Banning Young People

A new restaurant in Missouri has received backlash after banning young people to help ‘ensure a mature, sophisticated, and safe dining environment’.

Bliss restaurant serves up delicious treats like jollof rice, mouth-watering tropical cocktails - there’s even hookahs to be enjoyed, provided you’re old enough.

Which, according to the restaurant’s peculiar age restrictions, means ladies must be aged 30 and up, or 35 plus for the fellas.

Restaurant management argues the policy is necessary to create a ‘grown and sexy’ atmosphere, where older people can have a classy time without having to worry about young people who “bring some of that drama”.

And drama is what you’ll bring if you’re suspected of being under 30, as the restaurant even checks IDs to enforce its policy.

The restrictions have brought some backlash online, some even pointing out that Bliss’ owner Marvin Pate, aged 36, barely passes the muster himself.

The restaurant however is within its rights to impose the age limits and has no intention of relaxing its stance. Stay grown, stay sexy St. Louis.