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Two-Thirds Of Australian Would Support A Ban On Selling Cigarettes In Shops, Cancer Council Research Shows

New research by the Cancer Council reveals two-thirds of Australians would support making it illegal to sell cigarettes in shops.

Speaking to 3AW, Director of Quit Victoria, Dr Sarah White, said even without legislation banning it, it is expected that fewer retailers will sell cigarettes in the future.

“I think that the market might just get to a point where the retailers say, ‘There’s not enough people buying these products, it’s something I have to lock away, it costs me a lot to keep under my counter, we might just give it away ourselves,” she said.

“I’ve talked to quite a few retailers who are saying they’re not sure whether they want to stay in the business because it’s not a very profitable business for them.”

According to the research, almost two-thirds of respondents believed it would be ‘a good thing’ if cigarettes were banned from retail stores, while 16.7 percent thought it would ‘a bad thing’.

In a separate question, the Cancer Council asked respondents about phasing-out cigarettes from The Australian retail market over a set time of five years but allowing purchases from overseas companies.

Half of the respondents (50.7 per cent) supported this, and 61.8 per cent believed it should happen in the next 10 years.

There was greater support for introducing specific measures for tobacco retailers, such as licenses, with 75.3 per cent supporting this, while 76.3 per cent supported banning children from places cigarettes can be bought.