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Two Drivers Had A 45 Minute Stand-Off Over A Parking Space

Shared on Reddit, two drivers in Melbourne have a ridiculous45 minute-long standoff over a parking space in a lucrative CBD area.

According to a Reddit user, a grey Mercedes Benz and a dark blue Honda were reportedly ‘locked in a battle' for upwards of 45 minutes near the corner of Russell Street and Lonsdale Street on Sunday night.

A photo shared to Reddit shows both cars half-parked in the spot; however, people who saw the incident unfold say the Honda eventually won the prized park.

It must have been a dull Sunday evening as the car standoff allegedly drew in quite a crowd. 

“Honda won! Me and my mates walked by just as it was ending. There was a pretty big crowd,” wrote one Reddit user.

“For context the battle occurred around 7.30... Apparently it had been going for 15 minutes when my partner and I arrived and was still going at 745 when we had to leave to make it to our comedy show,” wrote another.

Surely they could have found another spot in the 45 minutes of waiting?