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Two Aussie Suburbs Listed As World’s Coolest

‘Time Out’ Magazine has surveyed 38,000 people from across the globe to find the world’s coolest suburbs.

How do they define ‘cool’?

Well, according to Time Out, a cool suburb is defined as “a fascinating mixture of people, innovative and inclusive food, drink, arts and culture.”

But since the pandemic, they’ve expanded the criteria to also include suburbs where “people, community and businesses have helped each other through shared tribulations.” It’s basically a fancy way of saying that people supported each other during this COVID hellscape!

Topping the list at number one was Esquerra de l’Eixample in Barcelona. During their strict lockdown, the residents dressed up in costumes and had mass dance parties from their balconies. Definitely the kind of suburb you’d want to live in, unless you’re trying to work from home. In which case, it would be an absolute nightmare!

Making it into the Top 10 was Melbourne’s very own Yarraville, which came in at an impressive #5! During Melbourne’s lockdown, Yarraville has been a shining example of community spirit at work. One local added ‘happy signs’ on walking tracks to cheer up the locals, while a skater rolled through the streets in costumes to keep families entertained. Time Out also applauded the “cross-section of food, drink and things to do” like heading to the Art Deco cinema, which would now be considered a crime.

The Melbourne City skyline seen from Yarraville. Image: (AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy)

The rankings were then followed by suburbs in Berlin, Shanghai, Glasgow and Paris, before settling on another Aussie suburb - Marrickville in Sydney.

Yarraville and Marrickville. Definitely seems like the best Aussie suburbs end in ‘ville.’ So get excited anyone from Healesville and Parkville!

Marrickville earned the 10th spot because it’s a melting pot of diversity, made up of immigrants from Portugal, Vietnam, Italy and Greece. Its food scene also sets it apart, with its famous Vietnamese sandwich shop and artisan bakers. If you’d like to book a trip to Marrickville, please contact your local travel agent in ten or fifteen years, or whenever this nightmare ends.

Anthony Albanese at the Marrickville Festival. Image:  (BIANCA DE MARCHI/AAP Image)

If you think your suburb should’ve made the list, or shouldn’t have made the list, then let us know. We can safely assume that Karen from Brighton is relieved her suburb didn’t make the list. She’s super bored of it!