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Twitter Users Are Sharing What They Thought Was Fancy In Childhood

A tweet has started 1000 conversations about some realllllll fancy stuff.

Remember being a kid? This lady does too and she asked the internet a BIG question:

For me, she really hits it on the head with Viennetta. And those cone/cylinder things that my mum only used to buy at Christmas. Honestly anything that came in a nice tin – didn’t matter if it tasted awful. Oh and Ferrero Rochers because they dress better than I do.

The ensuing thread is a trip down delicious nostalgia lane, even if it’s not for humans.

This cat is on a cruise, people.

And it’s not just foods.

Years ago socks with a frill were for the discerning little miss.

Days of Our Lives chic.

Now we’re old enough to buy our own costume jewelry.

This is a huge mood.

The knight’s choice.

Yes! The ice fridge! I don’t have one yet, but one day I will and my socks will get wet from little puddles on the floor.

Ah, nostalgia.