Twisties Launch "Unique" New Spicy Ramen Flavour

Twisties are turning up the heat with their brand new "Spicy Ramen" flavour.

The iconic Aussie snack has dubbed the new offering their "hottest Twistie ever", created with a mix of red chilli, ginger and black pepper. 

Inspired by the beloved spicy noodle soup, the chip is described as having a "rich and smooth" flavour balanced with an "umami twist ".

Fans will "jump at the chance to try" the unique new offering, with Melanie Saluni, Twisties Brand manager, describing the new flavour as "the ultimate spicy delight".

Twisties has experimented with surprising flavours in the past, with a unique Twisted Raspberry flavour, as well as collaborating with Donut King for a Cinnamon Donut flavour. 

Spicy Ramen Twisties are available at 7/11 stores now, and will hit supermarket shelves from May 2.