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Turns Out You Can Drive A Car While Wearing Thongs

But everybody would rather that you didn’t.

Did you think it was illegal to drive in thongs? Did you think the cops would arrest you for driving around barefoot? Did you think the police would be poking their heads through your car window to get a peak at your hoofers? You’re not alone, Sydney drivers were having a big debate on social media about what is and isn’t legal to wear while driving.

It all kicked off on Tuesday when The Hills Police Area Command (who are based in the Hills district and not a force that police old episodes of The Hills) held a bit of a quiz on their socials asking the question: “can you legally wear thongs while driving?”

People fired back with all sorts of answers, but somebody posted simply: “Yes. There is no law on what to wear or not wear on your feet while driving.” Which begs the question why so many people thought it was illegal. Who has been out there in the community telling people to pop on a pair of sneakers before hopping in the car?

Some on the post were saying it was legal, others were saying it was illegal. Everybody went back and forth. You know, like how the internet always is with everything. You could say that arguments don’t exist and find somebody who will argue with you about it.

Turns out though, it is legal. It just isn’t recommended. In NSW it is not against the law to drive in thongs. The NRMA have pointed out that drivers do need to have proper control of the vehicle regardless of what shoes they’re wearing.

The NRMA’s website states “There is currently no legislation requiring a driver to wear or not wear footwear whilst driving a motor vehicle in New South Wales. Wearing high heel shoes, stilettos, thongs, or any other footwear that could cause you to lose control of the vehicle is a bad idea.”

There you have it, next time you’re given a quiz by the police on Facebook, you have the answer to this particularly question. Now we just need an answer to Sisqo’s question about whether you can wear a thong while driving. Don’t know if the answer to that is up on the NRMA’s website.