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Turns Out Liam Neeson Had A Great Time In Hotel Quarantine

And, no, it’s not because he got it on with a security guard. Grow up.

Most people forced to do 14 days of hotel quarantine don’t exactly enjoy it. You don’t get much fresh air (if any), the food isn’t that flash and you’re probably going to pick up COVID anyway from the ventilation system.

But, Liam Neeson is not most men. The Hollywood A-lister was in Australia towards the end of 2020 to shoot his latest movie Blacklight in beautiful, freedom-loving Melbourne. As part of his entry requirements he had to spend 14 days cooped up in a hotel room in Sydney but, unlike a certain tennis player who had a pretty ordinary time when he tried to get into the country just a couple of weeks ago, the 69-year-old actually had a great time.

He came prepared with his Kindle and iPad as well as a heap of TV shows and movies banked up and ready to roll. He even converted his bedroom into a gym and, because he’s Liam Neeson, even had a few Irish nurses around bringing him freshly baked bread and scones. “I would open the door… and sure enough there were five or six nurses all in PPE gear with a plate of bread or Irish scones,” he said. That’s pretty good service, and is certainly something that this writer has never seen offered on UberEats, though perhaps Liam Neeson is a platinum member. Clearly, this guy does have a particular set of skills; specifically, to source delicious treats despite being in quarantine.

In fact, he had such a great time demolishing carbs and burning them off in his makeshift home-gym, that he told The Age he was “very sad to leave, seriously.” Which sound like the words of a man who had become institutionalised inside a hotel room, but also sound like the words of a man who enjoyed being forced to have a two-week break from work.

Hopefully the movie star wasn’t too relaxed from his time in hotel quarantine, because Blacklight is another classic action, conspiracy thriller, so he he’ll need to be as angry and as intimidating as possible to pull it off.

We are glad to hear he enjoyed his time in hotel quarantine, though. If he wants to experience it again soon, he should shoot his next film in Western Australia.