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Turkey Has Sent A Kebab Into Space In A Tasty World First Achievement

Not buying a kebab on the way home from a big night out is one achievement, but this is out of this world.

Turkey has sent a juicy kebab into space using a helium balloon in a world-first. Yaşar Aydın, the owner of a kebab restaurant, teamed up with local entrepreneur İdris Albayra, a space engineering student, to send one of their tasty 'pipe' kebabs into space.

Launching from Adana, a city in southern Turkey, the pipe kebab was placed on a custom tray, wrapped around a steel pipe instead of a skewer to keep it juicy. It was placed in a specially designed box to withstand the extreme temperatures in the sky.

It was all then attached to a helium balloon, complete with cameras and a tracking device so that it could be found upon re-entry. Of course, the kebab was accompanied by some side dishes, such as onion and salads.

The kebab's 3-hour journey went around 38km above land before landing in the sea off the coast of Hatay, a southern Turkish province. Some local fish had even enjoyed some of the spicy kebab before they had a chance to collect it.

"I think aliens sent it back because it had too much pepper. I will send a dish with less pepper next time," Aydın joked.

"I am a person who always likes firsts, and I plan to have many other different projects. As I'm a kebab maker, my projects are always about kebab," Aydın said, according to a report by the Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet. "We were able to launch the kebab to a certain level of the atmosphere right now, but maybe we will aim to raise it even higher in the future. We will deliver this kebab all over the world."

Check out the full kebab journey below.