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Trump’s Surprising New Gig As A Boxing Commentator

Let’s get ready to… watch an ex-United States President commentate a boxing match.

Donald Trump has landed a role as a boxing commentator for this weekend’s fight between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort in Florida.

For many it sounds like fake news. MMA reporter Ben Fowlkes tweeted: “I don’t know what’s crazier: that the Triller people apparently thought to themselves ‘hey maybe we could get Trump on the mic for this Florida boxing s***show’ or that, if current reports are to be believed, they were right?”

However, what’s the next logical move for a casino owner, turned reality TV star, turned U.S President if not a boxing commentator?

Triller Fight Club is promoting the event and said Trump will “host and commentate”. So, it’s likely there will be more use of the word ‘great’, than punches on the night.

Calling a boxing match isn’t just Donald Trump’s new calling, but also his sons. Donald Trump Jr is preparing to join him in commentating the action live at the Hard Rock Casino.

Trump is a long-time fan of combat sports, and is a good friend of UFC president Dana White. In a press release, he said “I love great fighters and great fights”. That’s the sort of in-depth analysis that boxing fans have to look forward to.

It’s sure to be an interesting watch and maybe Trump will have better luck making boxing great again, than he did with America.