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Today Is The Saddest Day Of The Year For Love

As the roses from Valentine’s Day finally wilt away and the last of the chocolates are eaten, love is finally dead.

According to research by dating website Finding The One, a week from Valentine’s Day is the bleakest day of the year for romance.

On this day, single people “give up on love” after not finding their true match in time for Valentine’s Day.

“Long-term single people are so sick of being alone on that night that they brush themselves down and decide to be pro-active and make a change,” said Simon Prockter, founder of Finding The One.

While couples who made it to February 14 but had a disastrous time will call it quits on this day.

“Our research shows that many couples argue on Valentine’s Day, and relationships fall apart,” Prockter said.

“Things go wrong, expectations aren’t fulfilled, and people find themselves suddenly single.”