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Tiny, Tiny Mouse Given Tiny Arm Sling Following Unexpected Injury

A tiny, tiny little dormouse has been given the smallest arm sling we have ever seen after its unexpected shoulder injury.

Now, the injury is only unexpected because, well, he’s too tiny to be X-Ray’d.

However, that didn’t stop the staff at Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital in South Africa from bandaging him to get ready to be released into the wild.

A spokesperson said on Facebook, ‘This tiny patient is a young Woodland dormouse.’

‘He had been caught by a cat and came all the way from the Waterberg to us for help.

‘We suspect that he has a shoulder injury – we can only suspect as he is too small to really take radiographs’

‘Vet Nurse Jacky Spiby has secured the arm in place with the tiniest bandage ever.

‘With cage rest, we are hoping that the shoulder will heal and that he too will be released back into the wild one day.’