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TikToker Points Out Difference In Table Manners Between Generations

Is this TikToker spot on or right off?

Once again, someone has weighed into the ol’ Boomers Vs Gen Z debate, this time pointing towards table manners.

In a TikTok posted by @sallmander_ (real name Sally Loeza) we see the latest piece of cheeky prodding between the generations unfold.

On one side of the restaurant, there is a table whose customers have left all the plates and cups they ate their food from stacked neatly at the end of the table. The table on the right, however, is in a general ‘finished’ state. Not crazy messy, but also not so considerably stacked like the others.

The caption for the TikTok? ‘Younger generation vs older generation (face with hand over mouth emoji) #genz #boomers #restaurantlife #waitressproblems’

Click the pic to witness history in motion:

As you can imagine, the internet’s taking it very well.

Since the post blew up, @sallymander_ has had to clarify that ‘I’m not the waitress…I was the customer to the left. Even though it’s not “our job” it takes 5 seconds to pick up after yourself & requires 0 effort.’

What do you do at restaurants?

Personally, back in my waiter-ing days, I found it annoying when people stack their plates themselves as it almost always leads to stuff flying around as you carry it back to the kitchen. Also, as another comment states ‘I worked in restaurants and literally never once cared if someone left a table looking like either of these.’ I have to agree. 0/10, I do not care.

'Gen Z'

Sure don’t be rude, but making an assumption that you’ve made a big difference in a  ‘it’s all about the little things’ way here is the kind of virtue-signalling that is a bit… cringe.

Unfortunately, she didn’t post the meal as it was being eaten, so we’ll never know if pleases and thank yous were used when the salt was asked to be passed. Or if there was a moment where everyone screamed as a diner drank from a glass that was filled with bits of food, based on some kind of crazy primary-school style bet.

Also, and I hate to nit-pick, but isn’t it actually bad manners to stack your plates at the end of the meal?

The real question is, if a ‘good deed’ isn’t uploaded online so everyone could witness it, does it still exist?