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TikTok Video Shows Plant Parents How to Reuse RATs To Water Plants

A TikTok user has shown how plant parents can reuse Rapid Antigen Test kits on plants in an effort to reduce waste.

English illustrator, On The Page Designs, provided a step-by-step guide on how to use the extractor tubes to water aerial plants.

“I find there’s a lot of wastage when it comes to Covid tests so it’s good to recycle when possible,” the caption said.

Aerial roots grow above the ground, soaking up moisture they cannot get from the soil.

Monsteras, philodendrons and rubber trees are some of the common houseplants with aerial roots.

After rinsing out the extractor tube of a negative test, cut the lid part off.

Fill it with water and place tape over the top, piercing a hole in the tape.

Slide this part over the tip of the root.

This will keep your plants hydrated!