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Three Tonne Abandoned Rocket Hit The Moon At 9,300kph

Experts say an abandoned rocket that has been tumbling haphazardly through space has crashed into the Moon at a whopping 9,300kph.

Scientists believe the rocket had been falling through space since China launched it nearly a decade ago. However, Chinese officials are dubious it is theirs and have not claimed ownership of the abandoned rocket. 

Back in January, asteroid tracker, Bill Gray, identified the object and its collision course. 

SpaceX had taken responsibility for the upcoming lunar litter, believing it to be from a 2015 launch of a deep-space climate observatory for NASA.   

However, months later, it was corrected when SpaceX confirmed it was not the Falcon rocket initially thought to be theirs. 

According to scientific estimates, the collision is believed to have carved out a crater that could fit several semitrailers. 

However, it may take weeks, even months, to confirm the impact through satellite images.