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This Just In: Halloween Is Too Spooky!

Halloween's latest victim? The children of Australia.

A Woolworths in WA have removed Halloween decorations after it was deemed to spooky-ooky by a concerned mum. Does this mean it’s successful in terms of Halloween decorations? What are the rules with creepy-based stuff?

The complaint began with a hashtag, so you know it’s serious.

#nothappywoolworthsThe decorations are not appropriate, can't you just dedicate a spot or something? It's great you have quiet hour but this is not helping at all. Any one else struggle with their kids when the decorations come out? Mine said 'lets leave and go to IGA instead, they don't have scary decorations'.”

The spook in question?


Halloween is too scary and the people cannot take it anymore!

Actually the thing that’s really surprising is usually any type of Halloween complaints are about how it’s an American holiday based in consumerism and all Australians should be watching Monty Python and drinking tea instead etcetera, etcetera.

And frankly, in terms of seasonal scary stuff, not enough is said about all the different unnerving faces of the Easter Bunny when that time of year rolls around.

Now, because we live in a Facebook democracy, the comments section really teed-off in both the for and against camps, but look a little closer and you might see why this can be an issue. The mum mentioned ‘quiet hour’. From the Woolworths website:

“The program is designed to reduce anxiety and sensory stress for customers with specific needs, including autism, by providing a quieter and less stimulating environment in store. Autism Spectrum Australia estimates more than 300,000 (or 1 in 70) Australians are on the autism spectrum.”

I have a hunch an unexpected, hanging, spooky-ooky skeleton during quiet hour may not land into the calmer category of things.

Woolworths have since removed the skeleton, and left the spider webs. Fools. Everyone knows that in Australia it’s the spiders that get you, not the skeletons.