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The World’s Longest Footbridge Has Been Built And There's A Few Issues

The new Sky Bridge is 721 95 meters above ground at its highest point, 721 meters long, and only a measly 1.2 meters wide, which makes it hard to cross or pass anyone.

Throughout history, humans have used architecture to build structures to create a passage over obstacles or terrain that is otherwise difficult or impossible to cross.

But for those afraid of heights, the Sky Bridge 721 seems to pose the very problem bridges look to solve. Standing at 95 meters above ground at its highest point, 721 meters long, and only a measly 1.2 meters wide, it's impossible to cross.

The bridge is located in the Czech Republic's East Bohemia Dolni Morava Resort in the foothills of the Jeseniky Mountains. It is now the world's longest footbridge snatching the title from the 516 Arouca bridge in Portugal.

The bridge is described as a 'unique experience, offering visitors a breathtaking spectacle and adrenaline rush'.

With this broad appeal, the bridge is sure to draw (pun intended) a cross-section of tourists ranging from grey nomads, influencers and adrenaline junkies. Imagine sending them off in a single file over a footbridge with iPhones.

My intolerance for slow walkers and people who take too many photos with oversized backpacks is up there with my fear of heights.

Even if you aren't afraid of heights and trust the wizardry that is architectural engineering (for me, bridges and cruise ships occupy a space in my brain reserved for unexplained magic), there is still pedestrian etiquette to contend with, and if my experiences on escalators are anything to go by this could be catastrophic.

I can see it now; an elderly tourist stopping to take his 15th photo only 3 meters into the bridge gives social media influencers a panic attack with no way of turning back.

The bridge is sure to be an experience no matter what happens, but I think I will hold out for the photos sure to flood the gram when it opens in May.