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The Top Five Most Un-Dateable Professions Have Been Revealed

A dating coach has discovered why some occupations are a complete turn-off.

Singles in a Facebook group were asked by dating coach Louanne Ward about their top un-datable occupations. The results are in, and they may shock you!   

Relationships are all about choosing to spend a lot of time with your significant other, so it's no surprise that careers that are weird hours or long days are the least desirable when it comes to dating.  In her Facebook group, dating coach Louanne Ward raised the topic, wanting to know why some occupations are a turn-off. You may think a lower-paying or unglamorous job would create judgement, but it turns out to be the opposite.   

Single folk admitted that they were likely to avoid potential suitors in high-powered jobs or well-paid industries because it can lead to a 'doomed relationship' and 'narcissism'.   

Careers that were mentioned included FIFO workers, lawyers, doctors, police officers and sex workers.   

The top five in the list of undatable careers are:   

1. Nurses and doctors who do long shifts  

2. Fifo workers  

3. People in high-powered roles like doctors and lawyers  

4. Truck drivers  

5. Police officers and military men  

'I avoid shift worker occupations with irregular shift rostering or long shifts like 12 to 14-hour shifts. So people in nursing, or doctors or truckies,' one man said.  

'I think jobs, where people are too much power, makes them lack empathy,' one woman said.