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The TikTok Hack To Reduce Forehead Wrinkles Without Botox

Could taping your forehead be the easy solution to forehead wrinkles?

In a new TikTok trend, people are taping their foreheads to combat wrinkles. But does it work? The TikTok user who goes by the name @naturalfacebible, has gained over 5-million views with the tip.

In the video that’s going viral, Olgal, 46, says, ‘People think I’ve had Botox done but…’, and displayed a photo of herself at the age of 34, highlighting her ‘visible forehead lines’.

Olgal then shows how she puts tape on her forehead, which supposedly reduces wrinkles. Hundreds have responded, saying they couldn't believe the hack, saying it works.

But experts claim it, unfortunately, isn't a long-term fix. It's simply a way to train yourself not to raise your eyebrows.

In another video shared by 'The Aussie Rapunzel', a U.S. plastic surgeon Anthony Youn commented, "'By putting tape on your forehead, it reminds you not to elevate your brows so high to create these lines,' he said.

'Putting tape on your forehead, in general, is not going to make wrinkles better; it's not going to reduce lines. It's just a reminder not to make them yourself,' he said.